Major distribution company (TPN) is in the process of building a highly motivated management team. As an affiliate you have an opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars, per day, part-time at home. Our management people can earn much more than that.

  • TPN marketing through digital satellite television, the internet, direct mail and catalog sales is expanding throughout the United States and Canada.
  • I am in the process of building a highly motivated management team within the fastest growing industry in the world.
  • Through our strategic alliances with PrimeStar Satellite Network in the USA and StarChoice Satellite Network in Canada, we are attaching the best professionals in the market.
  • My question is, if you knew for sure, that there was a business that you could afford, in the most exciting industry in the world, where you could earn as high as a six figure income with a secure residual income, would you let us get you started in that business?

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  •     1-800-000-0000 / Pin No. 20000#     1-800-000-0000 / Pin No. 20000#
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  •     Call toll free 1-888-000-0000
        or (800)000-0000
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    If you know of someone that is interested in TPN please let me know.

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