Gas Refrigerators Propane Refrigerators Crystal Cold Gas Refrigerators Propane Refrigerators
Crystal Cold, Large Capacity Propane Refrigerators, gas Refrigerators
Propane Refrigerators, gas Refrigerators
gas Refrigerators, Propane Refrigerators
17 Cubic Feet
Weight = 225 lbs.
65"H x 38"D x 28"W
14 Cubic Feet
Weight = 190 lbs.
60"H x 34"D x 28"W
Crystal Cold gas Refrigerator Propane Refrigerator
Propane Refrigerator Features LP or Natural Gas
Propane Refrigerator Features Thermostat Controlled
Propane Refrigerator Features Front Push Button Ignitor
Propane Refrigerator Features Powder Coated Interior Shelf
Gas Refrigerator Features Textured Almond or White Molded Steel Cabinet
Gas Refrigerator Features Reversible Doors
Gas Refrigerator Features Single Deep Crisper
Gas Refrigerator Features Two Deep Door Shelves - Both Top and Bottom
Gas Refrigerator Features Mounted on Heavy Duty Rollers

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GAS REFRIGERATORS, PROPANE REFRIGERATORS. It ain't cold if it ain't Crystal Cold
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