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1.   Ad Duration *

You can place either a One-Month-Free ad or a Premium Ad

Free Ad: your ad will run for one month FREE of charge. All free ads automatically expire after one month. Bookmark this page now if you are going to re-post your ad after one month.

Note: (1) Up to 3 FREE classified ads may be placed per day per advertiser. (2) Free ad will be placed below premium ads or on the last page of the subcategory you choose. (3) New free ad will be placed to the end of the listing in the subcategory of your choice. (4) Free ad may have up to 150 words of ad text. (5) The format (paragraph style, blank lines and extra white spaces) of free ad will be removed.

    One month FREE ad

Premium Ad: a small fee is required to place a Premium ad.

Note: (1) Premium ad will be placed on the first page of the subcategory you choose and on the top of the Free ads in the same subcategory. (2) Premium ad has its title in Red. (3) Premium ad can have up to 400 words of ad text. (4) The format (paragraph style or blank lines) of premium ad will be kept as is.

      1 month  for $9.00
      3 months for $12.00
      6 months for $18.00
    12 months for $28.00 (only $2.33/month)

2.   Ad Options

Use the Ad Options below (extra fees required) to make your ad stand out from the rest of the ads.

Stay on Top - Check this box to make your ad stay on the top of the rest of the ads which have not selected this option.

Extra Cost (based on the ad duration specified above. The total cost of your ad will be shown on ad preview):

Ad DurationStay on Top Rate
1 month FREE ad   $10.00 / month   
1 month ad   $9.00 / month   
3 month ad   $7.00 / month   
6 month ad   $5.00 / month   
12 month ad   $3.00 / month   

Place Animated Icons with Your Ad - Animated icons placed right at the beginning of your ad can make your ad easier to be noticed and read by more people.

Extra Cost (based on the ad duration specified above. The total cost of your ad will be shown on ad preview):

Ad DurationAnimated Icon Rate
1 month FREE ad   $3.00 each / month   
1 month ad   $2.50 each / month   
3 month ad   $2.00 each / month   
6 month ad   $1.50 each / month   
12 month ad   $1.00 each / month   

Check the ones you like. Note: You may choose up to 3 animated icons to be placed with your ad.


3.   Ad Information

Enter a brief title for your ad:* (up to 60 characters. No HTML Code allowed).

Enter the body text of your ad :* (up to 150 words for Free Ad, 400 words for Premium Ad. No all capitals and HTML Code allowed).

Select a category for your ad:*

Contact e-mail address : (This is the e-mail address that will be posted with your ad so that people can contact you for further information about the products, services or the items you are advertising. Note: If you don't want to post a contact e-mail address for your ad, leave this field blank!).
Example: yourname@usanet.com

URL of your web site if any, otherwise leave it as is or blank : (Use it to further explain the products, services or the items you are advertising. If you don't have your own Web page yet, you may click here to get one which is professionally and custom designed to meet your Internet advertising needs.
Example: http://www.usanet.com

4.   Contact / Billing Information   (Privacy Policy)

The following information is required to post your FREE or premium classified ad. It will not be posted with your ad unless you have listed it in the text of your ad.
If you are placing a premium ad, please enter your billing information.

Your first name:* Middle name: Last name:*
Street address:*
City:* State:* Zip:*

Your telephone number:*

Your e-mail address :* (Important: your classified ad account information will be sent to you at this e-mail address. Note: Your ad order will be ignored if the e-mail address provided in this field is invalid).
Example: yourname@usanet.com

To help us better serve you, please enter how you found us?
5.   Ad Preview

Click the Preview Ad button below to see what your ad will look like when posted, the ad options you chose, and the total cost of your ad if applicable.

To actually submit your ad to 1AdsNetClassifieds, click the Submit Ad button at the bottom of the Ad Preview page which will appear after you click the Preview Ad button below.



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