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Note: If you are placing Multiple Page Web Site Order, use words such as 'Home Page', 'Page 2', 'Page 3' ...... to separate the text for each page in the above field. Each additional page costs only $5.00 and has the same duration as your Home page.

Number of additional pages if you are placing Multiple Page Web Site Order:

What would you like to use for the URL address of your new web page? (The URL address of your new Web page will be http://www.hyt.com/YourName where YourName could be your name, your company name or your business name ... NOTE: URL is case sensitive. Please use letters and numbers only and limit the name to maximum of 20 characters. Make it short and easy to remember.) *

By ordering your Web page, you will get a FREE classified ad in our Classifieds section in the category of your choice with a link to your new web page.

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Example: yourname@usanet.com

If you have a graphic, logo or scanned photo that you want to put on your web page, you may (1) email us your graphic, logo or photo as attachment (2) or if you want us to scan your graphic, logo or photo for you (scanning is FREE), mail your graphic, logo or photo (with your payment if pay by check or money order) to our mailing address. If you want your photo back, please state so. (3) or you can tell us the URL or FTP address from where we can download your graphics:

If any, enter your special instructions, design preferences (such as text and background color), or comments below (if this field is left blank, your Web page will be designed to best suit the contents of your ad. Note: you can always ask us to make changes to your Web page after your Web page is designed and online):

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  3 months for $29
 6 months for $43
12 months for $59 (only $4.92/month)

NOTE: If you are placing Multiple Page Web Site Order, the cost of the additional pages will be added to the cost above.

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Parking Sensor Back Up Sensor Systems for Sale

Parking Sensor Back Up Sensor Systems for Sale
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