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Medical Equipment & Supplies

Wholesale CBD Oil - THR Technologies

We offer bulk orders of all CBD Oil wholesale products for dispensaries, local retail stores, & health-care professionals. Wholesale CBD Oil Syrups For Calming and Relaxation. (Ad#: f5080-1070)

Web Site: https://www.thrtech.com/
E-mail: thrtechnology175@gmail.com

Creative Biolabs provides recombinant antibody

Creative Biolabs is a pioneer of recombinant antibody (rAb) discovery and manufacture, providing the most comprehensive list of rAb products in the world. http://www.creativebiolabs.net/Hi-Affi-TM-Recombinant-Antibodies.htm (Ad#: f5080-1072)

Web Site: http://www.creativebiolabs.net/Hi-Affi-TM-Recombinant-Antibodies.htm
E-mail: marketing@creative-biolabs.com

Creative Biolabs provides phage technology

Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts who is professional in applying advanced phage display technologies for a broad range of project objectives. With years of experience, our scientists can offer high-quality phage display library construction and custom phage display library screening services to meet our clients’ demands precisely. Particularly, our services also involve specific antibody discovery (e.g. PTM-specific antibody, anti-idiotype antibody, and agonistic antibody) and peptidome discovery. http://www.creative-biolabs.com/phage-display-service.html (Ad#: f5080-1074)

Web Site: http://www.creative-biolabs.com/phage-display-service.html
E-mail: marketing@creative-biolabs.com

caninization by Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs offers professional monoclonal antibody caninization service. Although human therapeutic antibodies have significantly improved human's capacity of fighting diseases, therapeutic antibodies have not made such achievements in pets and other important agriculture animals. Our novel antibody caninization service enables therapeutic use of antibodies derived from any resources for dog use. http://www.creative-biolabs.com/Antibody-Caninization-Service.html (Ad#: f5080-1076)

Web Site: http://www.creative-biolabs.com/Antibody-Caninization-Service.html

Creative Biolabs provides zybody

Creative Biolabs offers our expertise in Zybody design and construction for your research and development projects in both academic and clinical fields. We are confident to deliver you the best procedure to meet your individual requirements. (Ad#: f5080-1078)

Web Site: http://www.creativebiolabs.net/zybody.htm
E-mail: marketing@creative-biolabs.com

Creative Biolabs provides Bevacizumab

Recombinant monoclonal antibody to Human VEGF is an angiogenesis inhibitor, a drug that slows the growth of new blood vessels. It is licensed to treat various cancers, including colorectal, lung, breast (outside the USA), glioblastoma (USA only), kidney and ovarian. Bevacizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody that produces angiogenesis inhibition by inhibiting vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A). VEGF-A is a chemical signal that stimulates angiogenesis in a variety of diseases, especially in cancer. http://www.creativebiolabs.net/Anti-Human-VEGF-Therapeutic-Antibody-bevacizumab-13763.htm (Ad#: f5080-1080)

Web Site: http://www.creativebiolabs.net/Anti-Human-VEGF-Therapeutic-Antibody-bevacizumab-13763.htm
E-mail: marketing@creative-biolabs.com

Lab Coat

Lab Coats help you maintain your professionalism as well as keep youprotected from every aspect. Get wide collection for lab coats & unisex lab coats with assorted designs and styles. (Ad#: f5080-1082)

Web Site: https://www.classicolabcoat.com/collections/lab-coats
E-mail: arata@clasic.jp

Buy Kratom Powder & Leaf Online - Kratomintheraw.Com

Get Kratom Powder at wholesale prices. Buy kratom Powder & Leaf online for cheap from the leading online vendor, offering a variety of the best organic kratom for sale. We sell only the most potent, premium and freshest Kratom strains found on earth. - Buy Kratom Powder - Buy Kratom Leaf - Buy Kratom Capsules - Buy Kratom Extracts - Buy Kratom Seeds Buy kratom online from the leading provider of premium kratom powder, kratom capsules and kratom extract. Contact Us: E-mail: info@kratomintheraw.com Phone: 347-327-6617 Website: http://www.kratomintheraw.com/ (Ad#: f5080-1084)

Web Site: http://www.kratomintheraw.com/
E-mail: kratomintheraw@gmail.com

antibody library

We have also optimized a chain shuffling strategy that is an entirely selective humanization strategy based on construction and screening of two chimeric phage display libraries. In this approach, the light chain of the rodent antibody is first replaced by light chains in one of our well-tested human antibody libraries; the resulting hybrid antibody library is then screened by panning against the particular antigen. http://www.creative-biolabs.com/antibody-humanization.html (Ad#: f5080-1086)

Web Site: http://www.creative-biolabs.com/antibody-humanization.html
E-mail: marketing@creative-biolabs.com

anti idiotype

Creative Biolabs provides unparalleled custom anti-idiotypic antibody (anti-ID Abs) production and downstream assay services to support your study, preclinical and clinical trials and the development of monoclonal antibody drugs. Creative Biolabs is professional in developing high specificity and affinity monoclonal antibodies from various species (including rabbit, chicken, llama, camel, alpaca, cow, dog, mouse, rat, sheep and human). http://www.creative-biolabs.com/Production-of-Anti-idiotype-Antibody.html (Ad#: f5080-1088)

Web Site: http://www.creative-biolabs.com/Production-of-Anti-idiotype-Antibody.html
E-mail: marketing@creative-biolabs.com

transgenic mouse service

As one forward-looking research institute as well as a leading custom service provider, Creative Biolabs has established the innovative Magic™ Human Antibody Discovery Platform using transgenic mice/rats. We have integrated multiple first-class “humanized” animals, in combination with our elegant antibody generation technologies, to contribute the discovery and development of fully human antibodies for global clients. (Ad#: f5080-1090)

Web Site: http://www.creative-biolabs.com/Human-Antibody-Production-from-Transgenic-Mice.html
E-mail: marketing@creative-biolabs.com


Recombinant monoclonal antibody to IL-6. Siltuximab (INN) (also known as CNTO 328, Anti-IL-6 chimeric monoclonal antibody or cCLB8) is a chimeric (made from human and mouse proteins) monoclonal antibody. It binds to interleukin-6. Siltuximab has been investigated for the treatment of metastatic renal cell cancer, prostate cancer, and Castleman's disease, among other types of cancer. (Ad#: f5080-1092)

Web Site: http://www.creativebiolabs.net/Anti-Human-IL6-Therapeutic-Antibody-Siltuximab-13579.htm


Chlamydocin is a cyclic tetrapeptide. Chlamydocin is a very potent inhibitor of cell proliferation. Chlamydocin was shown to be a very potent histone deacetylase (DDAC) inhibitor with an IC50 value of 1.3 nM. Some data also indicate a potential link between degradtation of survivin and activation of the apoptotic pathway induced by HDAC inhibitors. (Ad#: f5080-1094)

Web Site: http://www.creativebiolabs.net/Chlamydocin-21954.htm
E-mail: marketing@creative-biolabs.com

glycoengineered antibodies

Through modern recombination techniques, the genes of a set of specific glycosyltransferases and/or glycosidases can be systematically knockoutockin or regulated to produce glycoengineered antibodies with more humanized and homogeneous glycosylation, better pharmacokinetics and enhanced pharmacological efficacy. Our antibody production systems include mammalian cell lines (CHO, NS0 and SP2/0), yeasts (Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces cerevisiae), baculovirus-infected insect cells, avian cells (Duck embryonic stem cells), plant cells (lemna minor, Physcomitrella patens and tobacco) and so on. Our scientists are fully confident to provide efficient and economically feasible antibody glycoengineering solutions. (Ad#: f5080-1096)

Web Site: http://www.creativebiolabs.net/antibody-glycoengineering.htm



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