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Personal Growth & Help

Christian Team Building Activities

Christianity promotes harmony and therefore team building is a vital activity of the church. To promote unity and improve the values taught by the religion in the congregation, some Christian team building activities for everyone can be planned by the church. At, 24/7 Purpose the Christian Workshops help people without any boundary. Visit us today. (Ad#: f24060-1002)

Web Site: http://247purpose.com/service/family-team-building
E-mail: 247purpose@gmail.com

tarot readings by email

I have been reading tarot for 25 years. Readings are either 25 or 50, and comprise of a detailed reading and a photograph of the cards so that you can look at the images and connect with the reading more fully. All readings are completed by email correspondence, so there are no premium rate calls to make, and no additional charges of any kind. Payment is to be made by PayPal only, and all payments must be cleared before your reading will be completed and emailed to you. All readings are confidential. (Ad#: f24060-1004)

Web Site: https://samtaylor1504734.wixsite.com/truthintarot
E-mail: samtaylor150473@gmail.com



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