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Day of Qiyamah taken unjustly, seven hundred accepted Salahs

On the Day of Qiyamah, in exchange of two rupees taken unjustly, seven hundred accepted Salahs of the person who had usurped the rights will be taken and given to the person whose rights were usurped. If the one who unjustly took the rights of another does not have sufficient accepted Salahs in his account, the sins of the one whose rights were usurped will be loaded onto the usurper in proportion to the injustice he had committed. (Ad#: f23115-1014)

Web Site: http://bit.ly/2o26AHj
E-mail: hk860590@gmail.com

Private Christian school in Orange County CA

Kingdom Life Academy is a Private Christian school in Orange County CA committed to making high quality Christian education affordable for all families. (Ad#: f23115-1016)

Web Site: http://www.kingdomlifeacademyschool.org
E-mail: acumen.kingdomlife@gmail.com

Easy Way to Make Money Online

Learn how you can earn $100s weekly posting advertisements for household names. Full training provided with back office members area. Learn how you can be earning $100 per day. Also get access to over a dozen other work at home opportunities. Sign up today! http://www.make-n-dollars.com (Ad#: f23115-1018)

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Ross Howell Sobel

"Ross H. Sobel specializes in complex DUI/DWI law and is uniquely qualified to get you through this difficult time. Ross Howell Sobel has extensive experience in representing individuals who have been charged with Drunk Driving-better known as “DUI,” or Driving Under the Influence. Attorney Sobel is the choice when you want the ultimate in representation. His knowledge of the law and his extensive experience are unprecedented. Ross Howell Sobel 6316 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91401 805-499-3815 http://www.rosshsobel.com rosshsobellaw@gmail.com" (Ad#: f23115-1020)

Web Site: http://www.rosshsobel.com
E-mail: rosshsobelvannuys@gmail.com



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