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June 5 - Stewardship + Common Good = World Environment Day

The Catholic Church teaches that the goods of the Earth are gifts to everyone from God, and they are intended by God for the common good of everyone. How we care for the common good of all through our respect for the environment is a measure of our stewardship, our charity toward others and our respect for the Creator. World Environment Day, June 5, 2017, invites all people to Connect with Nature. Connecting ourselves with nature will help us to practice good stewardship of Godís creation for the common good. Augustinians invite you to see Prayers for Stewardship and the Common Good, and more information about World Environment Day, at https://www.midwestaugustinians.org/news/2017/5/19/augustinians-support-world-environment-day-june-5-2017 (Ad#: f23010-1034)

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Parking Sensor Back Up Sensor Systems for Sale

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