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To improve the standard of league season by season.

We donít offer any participant in this league for any board selection/ or any associationís selection. True Cricket League is only an event to discover the Undiscovered players across the country. We strictly not accept any bribe for selection neither we promote such luring and misleading activities. We are not luring any players for any other league/ tournament other than this league, in fact itís oneís own talent which can fulfil their dreams by showcasing it to the audience of this league. (Ad#: f13420-1002)

Web Site: http://WWW.truecricketleague.com
E-mail: cricketevent123@gmail.com

FIT247 GYm + Training Freedom Membership at $10 Per Week

FIT247 is Gym and training centre in bentleigh east. We have industry best equipment for everyone. Opt for $10 Week freedom membership. We sure that you love to stay over there as we have industry best trainer and equipment. We also offer you 5-day free trial sessions.At Fit247 we strive to provide you with outstanding service, 24hour convenience at affordable prices. You will get many more facilities like personal Lockers, 24 hr security surveillance, personal and small group training, convenient parking, A friendly gym and 24/7 access gym. So what are you waiting? Let come once and meet our trainers at staffed ours for registration and queries. (Ad#: f13420-1004)

Web Site: http://www.fit247gym.com.au/memberships/
E-mail: tc.tonicollete@gmail.com

FIT247gym + Training: 5 Days Free

And not to miss our free trial days, so you can explore the best that Fit247 has to offer, absorb the atmosphere, meet the lovely team and see for yourself how we together can transform your health and life. (Ad#: f13420-1006)

Web Site: http://www.fit247gym.com.au/5-day-free-trial/
E-mail: tc.tonicollete@gmail.com



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