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I n   H o u s e
Elite Unique Idea (concepts)
P u r c h a s i n g   L i s t
EH ISBN EH Descrip. EUI (concepts) EH (NPV)
09664652-1-0 Safety Design For Little Ones $7 Million
09664653-2-9 Architectural Design Facility $3 Million
09664652-3-7 Greeting Card Company $57 Thousand
09664652-4-5 Publishing Company $1 Million
09664652-6-1 Bracelet Design $42 Thousand
09664652-7-X Development Company $31 Thousand
09664652-4-5 Architectural Library Facility $48 Million

Note: Be on the look out for your discount flyer, (10%) percent off on each individual transaction purchase. And an additional (4%) percent off on long distance call over 45 minutes placed to Eloquent Harbor, Inc., in reference to Elite Unique Idea (concepts).

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